Here is a guide on how to make your role-play character.  This is important if you wanna be an active role-player on this wiki.


1.  It must have a name, a unique name not "To be added" or "Too lazy to give it a name".  It doesn't have to have a last name, but it must at least have a unique name.  It can have a specific race, it doesn't have to be a human.  It can be a Homunculus and you can be different ethnicities of human like Ishavalan or Drachman.  You can even be a Chimera or a suit of armor (like Alphonse). 

2.  It must have attacks and abilities, it can be an alchemist character but it can also be a regular human.

3.  You may have weapons (guns, swords, etc). 

4.  You can't have unlimited power or overpowered weapons (giant bazookas or nuclear bombs).  If you are overpowered, you will not be allowed in role-play. 

5.  You must add categories to your character and make a category of Pages added by yourself. 

6.  The pics don't have to be from FMA, it can be from any other anime.  But, it has to be related to FMA in some way (just doesnt have to look like an FMA character). 

7. You can have a companion to your character if you want, like a sidekick or a pet animal. 

8.  You must include that the character is YOURS or include that it is your main character.