Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown, around 16-18
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'11
Weight 165lbs
 Loke is a state alchemist of unknown origins. He is the RP character of Goten66.


Loke has amnesia, he remembers waking up on the ground when he was around 12-14, but remembers nothing before that. Loke is the name he gave himself, since he didn't remember his real name. He traveled around amestris for a few years studying alchemy, and then journeyed to Xing and learned martial arts there. Loke then came back to amestris and took the state alchemist exam, he passed and got the title, "The Diamond Alchemist".

Personality Edit

Loke is a laid back person who likes to joke a lot, but he accidently offends people pretty often. He believes in giving second chances, and is a pretty nice person in general. However, he won't hesitate to kill someone who gets in his way.

Appearance Edit

Loke is around average height and weight. He has dark brown hair and eyes. Loke normally wears a dark blue shirt, and a green/gray collared jacket and gray pants. He keeps his state alchemist watch in his pocket.


Diamond Alchemy - His main form of alchemy, he is able to make most thing into diamond. He can create pretty much anything he wants out of the diamond, including spikes, pillars, walls, and any weapon that he chooses. Loke can also cover his skin in diamond, creating an armor of sorts.

No transmutation circle - He is able to use alchemy without any circle, it is unknown how he does this, since he of course doesn't remember performing human transmutation. Loke does not have any body parts or organs missing though, so it is unknown if he even did use human transmutation.

Martial Arts - Loke knows many forms of Xing martial arts, and is very skilled in hand to hand combat, or with close range weapons. He can be a threatening opponent without even having to use alchemy.