Here is a list of rules for the wiki. 

Wiki Rules

  • No Pornography, posting pics of it will result in a 1 month ban
  • No making spam pages

Chat Rules

  • Cussing is allowed but no using racial slurs at other users.

Role-Play Rules

  • No godmodding
  • No copying other peoples attacks
  • No using abilities you don't have

What is Godmodding?

Godmodding is when you have a character who is very overpowered.  For example, if you are in a roleplay battle and just kill them in one hit, its unfair.  It is also unfair to dodge ALL of their attacks or say "unaffected" if they do their strongest attack.  There are many ways to describe godmodding, but it is basically having a god-like role-play character and being unfair to others in role-play.